Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Madonna's Big Summer

If the birth time I have for Madonna is accurate (dob August 16 1958 7:05 AM Bay City, Michigan) then she is in for some major life changes by the middle of August 2008. At this time and the weeks and month just after that will be especially challenging and life-changing for her.

There are two very powerful transits happening to her this year.

For starters, beginning in December of 2007 and again in August 2008, we see that Saturn is going over her ascendant (or you could say into the first house of her horoscope) which is 8 degrees of Virgo. This suggests that a major new life cycle is about to begin for her. This cycle will last for the next 30 years or so, and the last time it happened for Madonna was in October of 1978 and June of 1979, when she first moved to New York City, became a nude model and joined a band called The Breakfast Club.

A transit like this is normally characterized by significant endings and beginnings. This could relate to her career, her marriage, where she lives, and also the way in which she identifies herself. It can even me all of those things.

If her marriage is strong then it will be tested but remain intact since Saturn naturally opposes the descendant (which symbolizes one's marriage partner among other things) when it is hovering around the ascendant. If there are some problems there with Guy Ritchie that they aren't able or willing to work through, then Saturn will terminate the relationship by August or early in the fall.

It has already been reported that she has a new album coming out in the early spring and that she's been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but I suspect that there will also be some more difficult events going on for her this year.

It will be a time when she will be seen very clearly for who she really is--the world will get a sober look at her for better or for worse.

Another challenging astrological event she faces this year is transitting Saturn going over her natal Moon at 11 degrees of Virgo in September of 2008. This is another extremely important transit for her. It indicates some development or change in career direction for her and perhaps a change with regard to any organizations or groups she is currently involved with since Cancer rules her 11th house. And since the Moon represents our emotional nature, our family, and our attachments, Saturn is going to restrict these parts of her life and cause them to change in a profound way. Depression and a feeling extreme loneliness are not uncommon during a transit like this. This conjunction of Saturn to her Moon last happened in November of 1978 and July of 1979, also pivotal years in her early career.

Just a reminder: Saturn does not take anything away that really and truly belongs to us. It just strips things down to their bare essentials and demands that we let go of anything that no longer works in our life.

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